The Currents… 

So here we are again!! It is the time of year when a select couple of hundred global paddlers, both prone and SUP, come together in the Hawaiian Islands to embark on their courageous journey across the "Ka'iwi Channel " and compete in the "M2O, Molokai 2 Oahu" Paddleboard World Championships on Sunday, July 27th. The channel, which hosts the 32 mile open ocean race, is also known as the"Molokai Channel" or "channel of bones" . All of us at HKTK are extremely proud to support our Team HKTK Hawaii riders and family members Ed Wheeler and Jimmy Fitt (pictured to the right) as they once again prepare to take to the channel and accept this formidable challenge.

For the first time in the 18 years of this event, Paddlers will be able to be tracked live online @  Also, take a moment and "like" the M2O FB page:) Take it from us, this is a very special, hardcore, and HKTK experience for all involved and the dedication, ambition and training that is required by all of the competitors is insanely intense and super human! We invite you to wish our riders well as this is a very special day for them and for us.  Go Getem Team HKTK Hawaii…..Aloha!

(The beautiful finish line in Hawaii Kai, Oahu pictured below)